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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2009|07:43 am]
Calgary GLBT

just a heads up, pride is this weekend, so get out your rainbows and show calgary your pride on sunday at the parade, hope the weather stays nice for us.
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Lethbridge [Aug. 2nd, 2009|11:26 am]
Calgary GLBT

My name is Jory and I go to college in Washington state in the US, but my girlfriend and I are driving there from Minnesota because we're looking for camping and adventure and all that good stuff.
We're coming up to Lethbridge on the 11th of August, probably mid-day and staying the night, camping in Henderson campground.

We're both artists, in one way or another, and would really love to see some of the underground in Lethbridge. Whether that's a house show or a punk concert or a cool radical gallery or even if some rad people are having party or going out to a bar. I don't really care, much, I feel like it's only an adventure when I let it come to me rather than ask specifically for something.

So if you want to show us around town, or have some suggestions of things to do/places to go/people to see, let me know :) They can be queer-related, but it's not entirely necessary.

This is a picture of Emma and I, I'm the one looking at the camera:
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Social group [Apr. 4th, 2009|11:04 pm]
Calgary GLBT

Is there a LGBT social group for the 20-30 set? I'm in one now for lesbians 30+, and though I love it, I'd also love to know people in the community my age as well.

Either that, or go to a movie/coffee/lunch/whatever.
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Sandra Casey [Jan. 19th, 2009|08:29 pm]
Calgary GLBT
[Emotional Wellbeing |gloomygloomy]

Many of you have probably heard already that Sandra Casey was killed by a hit and run driver around 2am Sunday morning. The community is holding a fundraising concert with door prizes and a silent auction in order to help her wife and family raise the money to send Sandra home to Ireland, where she wished to be buried with her mother.

Please come celebrate Sandra's life and help us send her home!

Saturday, January 24th at 3pm
Money Pennies Eatery and Bar
1742 10 Avenue SW
(403) 263-7411

Donations are also being accepted at Money Pennies, and a trust fund will be set up soon. In the meantime, donations can be made via PayPal at the following site: http://www.sourcespin.com/sandra.php

Show your support by joining the Facebook groups:

In Memory of Sandra Casey:

Let's get Sandra Casey back to Ireland:

Thank you all!
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Bored. [Jan. 11th, 2009|09:04 pm]
Calgary GLBT

Anyone want to meet up for coffee sometime? I really want to get into the Calgary LGBT community, but don't know many people, and I'm not into the bar scene.

I'm free pretty much all this week. Fucking Linens 'n Things.. closing and laying me off..
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Diversity Lesson 101: LGBT/Queer Little People [Dec. 23rd, 2008|12:31 pm]
Calgary GLBT

Little People like LGBT people are considered "freaks of nature", they get stares and people misunderstand them. In looking for resources for Little LGBT People, I found virtually nothing. I decided, to make an entry to educate people about little people as well as provide as much info as I can for LGBT Little People. It is my sincere hope that LGBT Little People can find solace, comfort and community and that they can begin to network and build a foundation and support system for their own sub-section of the community.

For more info and resources on LGBT Little People, check out:
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Know any queer rural zines? x-post (if this doesn't belong/breaks rules, sorry; tell me&I'll delete) [Dec. 20th, 2008|12:17 am]
Calgary GLBT

[Emotional Wellbeing |hopefulhopeful]

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but my friend Jenna (a.k.a. trashcan_chica) needs some help:

"does anyone know of any queer zines about living in rural areas or going to rural areas?

any help/pointing in the right direction would be amazing. i went through the whole Queer Zine Archive and couldn't really find anything.

jenna b

p.s. i just got a wordpress site, sassyfrasscircus.com!"

Her (AIM) away message also says: "is looking for zines about/by members of radical queer ANTI-URBAN communities, so if you know of any..."

So please comment if you can help at all; thanks. :]

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Huge Manga Sale! [Nov. 25th, 2008|08:21 am]
Calgary GLBT

A lot of yaoi manga/anime for sale (including some sort of explicit stuff, woo!)

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see, it's really not that complicated [Nov. 20th, 2008|01:35 am]
Calgary GLBT


from graphjam, via reddit, via wilwheaton
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Looking for possible roommate [Nov. 2nd, 2008|10:36 pm]
Calgary GLBT

This isn't for sure, but we may be looking for a tenant.

About $500/month plus bills + Damage Deposit

I'm just putting feelers out.
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